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Dear Diary: Hello Monday

Hello there, how is your Monday going?

Mine’s going rather well, thank you, except for one little incident. Oh, would you like to hear about it? It’s nothing, really, but if you want to listen, I guess I can tell it. It started with me shimming into my newly purchased outfit, and ended with me getting rather wet.

I am a professional now, and professionals need to dress professionally, don’t you agree? So I updated my college wardrobe over the weekend with some professional garb, and took extra care with my outfit this morning, even going so far as to wear jewelry (the shock)!

I was very excited, and then Monday decided to remind me why it has a bad rep.

First, work ran out of coffee. If I don’t have coffee, I don’t function. So a coffee run was necessary. Which was great because I got to show off my new outfit. I got my coffee and was sipping it happily on the way back to work, thinking how gorgeous my new outfit must look to everyone passing by (I knew no one really cared, but come on, you buy a new outfit, you think people notice), and SPLAT!


What the H*LL??

I failed to notice that I was walking by a sprinkler. I also failed to notice that this sprinkler was watering the sidewalk more than the garden – which sprinklers tend to do, have you noticed that?

One minute I was a professional business woman, the next I was target practice for a hitman‐in‐trianing sprinkler. The sucker got me right down my entire back, drenching my outfit. MY OUTFIT! ARGGH!

But no worries, I laughed it off like a champ, sipped my coffee, and continued on my way leisurely, all the while dying of embarrassment inside.

Yes, Monday, I will never underestimate your powers of evil again. I have learned my lesson and am sufficiently humbled.


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