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JoJo drops new album “Mad Love.”

Pretty sure JoJo’s new album title is a reference to her mad love of periods because every single title ends in one. Ok ok, it probably has some deep meaning or something..probably.

Joking aside, this album is DOPE.

“Mad Love.” is her third studio album, and the first under her new label, Atlantic Records. It’s also her first album in a decade due to conflicts with her previous label.

The opening song, “Music.”, is a great ode to her musical career and to her family.

Everyone’s scared, everyone’s scarred
Everyone spends some nights alone
But every high, every low
You never left me on my own
Tell me who, who would I be without you?
No matter how much we lose
Every time I bet my life on you

The album also features Wiz Khalifa (“F*ck Apologies.”), Alessia Cara (“I Can Only.”), and Remy Ma (“FAB.”).

All the songs have their own charm, but great ones include:

  • F*ck Apologies.
  • FAB.
  • Vibe.
  • I Am.

Check out the full album on Spotify:


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