My Top Single-Strip Webcomics

There are some incredible comics being published on the web these days, but what if you just want to read a strip or two instead of getting sucked into a full-blown story? Then single-strip comics are for you, and I’ve got some great ones to get you started!

What’s a single strip comic?

In comics, a panel is a single frame. Traditional daily comics consisted of three or four panels (a strip), and each strip could standalone outside of the overall plot of the comic. Thus “single strip” comics. (Ok, so I don’t actually know what these types of comics are called, but “single strip” makes sense to me)

Here are my top single-strip comics:

Girls With Slingshots

By: Danielle Corsetto
Bio: Two girls and their talking cactus


Sarah’s Scribbles

By: Sarah (duh) Andersen
Bio: Jokes about everyday life (female perspective)


Cheer Up, Emo Kid

By: Enzo
Bio: Emo humor


The Pigeon Gazette

By: Jane
Bio: Jokes about everyday life


PhD Comics

By: Jorge Cham
Bio: Comics about working in academia


The Oatmeal

By: Matthew Inman
Bio: Cynical comments on certain aspects of life



By: Randall Munroe
Bio: Jokes of the slightly more intellectual kind



By: Rando
Bio: Hilarious scenarios usually involving his friends, cat, or grandpa.

The GaMERCat

By: Samantha Whitten
Bio: About a cat who plays video games.

Owl Turd Comix

By: Shenanigansen
Bio: Hilarious comics about shenanigans.


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